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The specialist of Ultraviolet Curing and LED Curing Technology

In the past 20 years, DPL have not only to maintain the production of high quality Easycure TM Cold UV Curing System , but also established technical bond with our clients by sharing our experience on Ultraviolet printing, coatings and adhesives bonding onto wood, glass, metal, plastic and paper. From our lab to our clients' factories, our specialist help them to solve the production challenges by adopting the latest advances in UV technology.


In 2015, DPL announced Easycure TM LED Curing system with high energy output. DPL LED Curing system is base on the latest LED technology, which combine with a high effective and smart construction ensure a stable and perfect curing quality for different types of UV coating, UV printing, UV bonding application.


DPL are much more than just products, we also share our experience on UV curing printing,UV coating and UV bonding onto wood, glass, metal,plastic and paper products. We sold more than 3000 sets of UV curing system to our clients in the world.

DPL Easycure System

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